Award winning face painter, balloon modeller and children's entertainer based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

Sefydlwyd yng Nglynebwy, De Cymru - peintiwr wynebau, modelwr balŵnau a difyrrwr plant.  

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As a member of  Masquerade agrees to abide by their Code of Practice

These are common sense guidelines to ensure that members work in a safe and practical fashion:

Only use face paint products that comply with EU & FDA regulations.

Check and read carefully the manufacturers recommendations on each product.

It is advisable to ask whether child/adult has had their face painted before.

It is not recommended that children under the age of 2 are painted..

It is recommended that children aged 2 to 3 years have a small design on the cheek, hand or arm only.

Children/adults with a cold sore. eczema, open cut, conjunctivitis or other infectious conditions should not be painted.

It is recommended that painters use a clean sponge for each face painted.

Change face painting water frequently.

Maintain a high standard of hygiene by keeping yourself and your kit clean as you work.

Be careful when using products near eyes.

Only use cosmetic grade glitter.

Ensure faces are clean.

Do not add disinfectant or any other hygiene product to face painting water. Professional face paints contain agents which act against yeast, mould and bacteria.

It is recommended that clients remove face paint with mild soap and water.

All FACE members hold full public liability insurance and are professional face painters of a high standard having passed a certification process to become a member. FACE members' professional standards are reviewed annually.


Also, all children must be accompanied by a parent or carer for face painting.

 If your child has sensitive skin it is advisable for a skin test to take place prior to painting.

Masquerade can not take responsibility if an allergic reaction occurs. 

Some staining may still be visible after washing which will fade in time.


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